assorted clay tile earrings

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assorted clay tile earrings

handmade clay dangle earrings with tiny painted illustrations and a glossy glaze !

each pair is different ! be cautious when checking out.

earring descriptions from left to right, top to bottom:
a. light green/ribbon, dark blue/clown
b. light blue/rainbow, light and dark blue/checkers
c. dark blue/clown, pink/rainbow
d. pink/rainbow, pink/smiley
e. dark green/flower, light green/butterfly
f. light blue/smiley, light blue/ribbon
g. dark blue/clown, red/clown
h. pink/clown, light blue/rainbow

general earring info:
• tiles are roughly 1.5 x 2 cm
• from top of the hook to the bottom, the length is roughly 5 - 7cm, varies with bead style
• materials include polymer clay, acrylic paint, uv resin, glass/plastic beads, and metal fishhook backings that are marketed as nickel free

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